Most of my efforts are now with playing bass for Dell Smart & Exit/In - check it out. we rule!

The songs with an * next to it are the ones I feel stand out in each category.

(Mostly) Solo Bass
(Some have a drum machine)
8/2001 was when I recorded a lot
Tame the Granola, Sir*8/20012.5MB
Coming of the Shoggoth*8/20013.6MB
Wondering If..8/20012.4MB
Crumpets n Tea8/20012.9MB
Paula's Song10/20003.2MB
Bad Song 16712/20041MB
First song on my new Urge II
Realizing you are not a Camel*4/20024.8MB
Good Friends*4/20013.9MB
No, the Hobbit Drank the Milk9/20013.7MB
Cosmic Ballet11/20013.3MB
Last Desire2/20012.8MB
We'll Never Get to Meet2/2001930k
Purple Rug6/20012.1MB
The Flute Player Got Run Over8/20012.3MB
..but you said8/20022.5MB
Forbidden Chant4/20012.9MB
Bad Song 862/20033.1MB
Bad Song 87
Revenge Of the Tic Tac
Has a few mistakes still
I left the coffee on the counter4/2003800k
Yellow Remote
With Josh Hawkins
Why do my jeans get holes in the crotch?*5/20032.0MB
Floating Away4-5/20031.7MB
Bad Song 854/2003?1.3MB
Bad Song 894-5/20032.5MB
Bad Song 965/20031.1MB
Bad Song 1056/20032.3MB
Bad Song 1127/20031.1MB
Silly & Offensive Songs Everyting Else and misplaced items
Mechanically Separated Chicken7/20041MB
Ode to boobs*20012.2MB
With: Tim Harper, Brian Harper, Tim Ingalls and Kevin Bennet
Vice Grips of Love* [old][new]9/20012.3MB
I Love You7/20022.4MB
With Tim Ingalls
Sorta Kinda OK Girl7/20013.0MB
Make you Happy1/20014.6MB
With Jay Wilson
Glorious Christmas6/20011.8MB
The Taco Song7/20012.9MB
Donny's Quest for an English Muffin8/20011.7MB
Linux Blows Me*9/20012.4MB
With Josh Hawkins and Erin McLaughlin
Don't Drink the Caladryll10/20012.4MB
With Tim Ingalls
Frank Swaggen12/20018.1MB
Together as Friends6/20011.1MB
My girlfriend left me1/20032.3MB
With Tim Ingalls WARNING: Very offensive tune!
The Eighties Sucked2/20042MB
With Tim Ingalls First song done in GarageBand
Chariots of Fire (remix)*4/1998707k
With Lloyd Giddinge
With Jay Wilson
Till the end of time8/20016.4MB
Don't let sparky play with matches12/20013.0MB
How old is that food?2/20024.4MB
You Can't Change It6/20012.0MB
Improv Jams Phone Messages
These are improv jams.
What you hear is what the mic picked up.
No rehersal.
No nothing.
You may need to fast forward during quiet parts
Jam 1/35/22/20007.7MB
Jam 2/35/22/20006.7MB
Jam 3/35/22/200040.4MB
With Chris Rudolph and Chris2
With Willie Conrad, Jay Wilson and Chris Rudolph
With Chris Rudolph and Byron Gibbs
Jam 111/30/200012.1MB
Jam 211/30/20007.2MB
Jam 311/30/200025MB
With Brian Dodds and Tanya Paglia
Jam 112/12/200012.1MB
Jam 212/12/200014MB
Jam 312/12/200029MB
With Brian Dodds and Jay Wilson
With Jay Wilson, Willie Conrad, and Dave Edmonson
Some people like to leave interesting messages for me
Tim's Message768k
Brian's Message1.8MB
Sparky's Message1.4MB
Tim's Long Message4.6MB
Jw's message556k

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